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Strange. I know so very little about you.

RICK (chuckles):
I know very little about you. Just the fact you had your teeth straightened.

But be serious, darling, you are in danger. You must leave Paris.

No no no, we must leave.

Yes, of course, we.

Now the train for Marseilles leaves at five o'clock. I'll pick you up at your hotel at four-thirty.

No, no, not at my hotel, I -- I have things to do in the city before I leave. I'll meet you at the station.

All right, at a quarter to five. Say, why don't we get married at Marseilles?

ILSA:, that--that's too far ahead to plan.

Yes, I guess it is a little too far ahead. Let's see, what about the engineer? Why can't he marry us on the train?

ILSA (voice shaking):
Oh, darling.

RICK (laughs):
Why not?

Bergman's hand gesture here slays me. I suspect she might actually be corpsing, but anyway, to hide her face from the camera is a genius move, along with that stunning voicework -- Ilsa is too overwhelmed by heartbreak to exist even for us.

Another thing: people didn't think Bogart had the chops to be a romantic lead before this. But he sets Rick up for a fall so perfectly -- you can tell it's love that keeps him buoyant in Paris (laughs), and you can believe he'd do anything as the embittered Rick of Casablanca.


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